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The surname Wynne is Welsh. the name is spelled in a variety of ways. The more common spellings found are Wynn, Wynne, Wyn, Win, Winn, Winne, Wynd, Wind, Wine, Gwin, Gwyn, Gwent, and Gwynt. Literally these words have very different meaning. Gwn is a form of yes or I know. Gwen is female white. Gwyn is the male white. Gwin is wine. Gwynt is wind. Wine is wink. In many of the cases these families can trace their lineage to Owen Gwynedd, which accounts for the surname. Connecting pages are listed below:

Literary References

17th Century Wynne MD/VA                                Sydney Wynne Chew

Wynne Diaries                                            Robert Wynne of Canterbury

Heraldry References                                            CO ROINN Home Page