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Washington's Enslaved Families Genealogies

We have tried to gather as much as we could from census data. These are the families in the 1799 estate records of George Washington. The 1799 families have been merged with the early census records from Fairfax County Virginia. As we get these families finished we will post them. Please if you have questions corrections or additions e-mail to Coroinn@aol.com we are always glad to have more information.

Mt Vernon was the home of George Washington. There are records of the enslaved from 7 locations. Dogue Run Farm, The Mansion House, Muddy Hole Farm, River Farm, Union Farm, Mrs. French's and the Philadelphia President's House

A link to the book "Slavery at the home of George Washington".

Carter, Jack and Grace

Ford, West Viney/Venus

Jasper, Margaret

Mansion House: Charlotte

River Farm: Peggy, Nancy, Suckey Bay

Stanhope, Richard

Stuart, James and Ella