Children of Abraham Streaper the Innkeeper

In 1792 Abraham Streaper died leaving 7 living children. The children as named in estate records of Montgomery County Pennsylvania are:

Mary born about 1770, William born about 1773, Isaac born about 1775, Richard born 1778, George 1783. These five children were by his first wife Hannah Roberts the daughter of Phineas and Ann Wynne Roberts. Hannah died in 1785. These same five children are mentioned in the estate records of Phineas Roberts. Abraham had a second wife Mary who had two more children John born about 1788 and Mary born about 1790. John and Mary can both be found in the estate records of Abraham and Montgomery County Pennsylvania records. 

Joseph Price was administrator of Abraham’s Will. He kept a diary and it has been transcribed, printed and published on the Internet by the Lower Merion Historical Society at: There are many references to the Streaper's and the Tavern in his Diary.

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Grandchildren of Abraham Streaper Innkeeper

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