Annie Riley Conley appears on the Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Lower Merion census September 25th 1850 George Curwen enumerator; Annie Riley age 18 born Ireland is listed on the same page with a Patrick Conelly age 30 Drover born Ireland. This Patrick Conelly is listed in a household of his own with a Mary Conelly age 23 and Catherine age 6 months born March 1850. Thomas and Margaret Kennan age 50 born in Ireland are also in their household. Annie is listed in the household of Abraham and Mary Lukens both age 35. 

There is a second Patrick Conelly Montgomery County Lower Merion listed in dwelling number 41 family number 45. This is the home of the enumerator’s mother Eleanor Curwen. In her household is Patrick Conley who married Annie/Anna/Hannah Riley, Catherine Conelly his mother, Ellen Conelly his sister and Martin Campell among others. Baptismal records establish this as the correct Patrick Conelly. Baptismal records found at St Thomas of Villanova for children of Patrick and Anna Rielly Conley: 

Miriam Anna Conoly daughter of Patrick Conoly and Anna Reily, born September 24 1850, baptized September 29 1850. Martin Campell and Ellen Conoly are the sponsors. This baptism record shows us a few things. First that Anna Reily was enumerated the day after Mary Ann Conley was born.  Martin Campell and Patrick’s sister Ellen are the sponsors.

Catherine Conley daughter of Patrick Conley and … Riley born April 16, 1852 baptized April 25, 1852, Thomas Rourke and Maria Conley are the sponsors. Maria Conley is Patrick sister born 1833. Mary Conley marries James Baker born 1825 Ireland about 1854.

Michael Conelly son of Patrick Conelly and Anna Riley born September 23, 1855 baptized September 30, 1855, Justin Mc Grath and Anna Connelly are the sponsors. Ann Conelly and Justin Mc Grath marry about 1856. Ann Conelly is Patrick’s sister. 

Helen Connolly daughter of Patrick Connolly and Anna Reily born May 24, 1857 and baptized June 5, 1857 Patrick Parker and Catherine Connolly are sponsors. Catheine Connolly is found on the 1850 census in the home of Alfred Edwards the miller later records may prove she is also the sister of Patrick Connolly. 

Thomas Connelly son of Patrick Connelly and Anna Reily, born September 7, 1859 and baptized September 25, 1859 Patrick Sheridan and Rosanna Harrison are sponsors. 

William Connolly baptized February 16, 1862 child of Patrick and Anna Riley sponsors Thomas and Anna Burns. Ann is thought to be Ann Connely daughter of Timothy Connely. Thomas is her son. The relationship between Patrick and Timothy is undefined. 

John Connelly son of Patrick Connelly and Anna Riley, born June 29, 1864 baptized July 10, 1864 sponsors John and Emily Kerrigan. John and Emily Kerrigan are the children of Ann Kerrigan.