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Alphabetical Index to Family pages for all projects. There are many other surnames contained within these pages only the first generations are listed here.


Carter: Carter Jack or Jack Carter

Conley: Bernard Conley, Patrick Conley 

Dorsey: William Dorsey

Ford: West Ford

Foreman: George Foreman

Fraunces: Catherine Fraunces,Elizabeth Fraunces, Samuel Fraunces, Samuel Fraunces Jr., Sara Fraunces,

Gilmore:  Isaac Gilmore

Green: Samuel Green

Jasper: Margaret Jasper

Simms: George Simms

Stanhope: Richard Stanhope    

Stewart, Stuart or Steward: Ella Stuart, James Stuart, Samuel Stewart

Viner or Venus: Viner

Wade or Potter: Hero Wade or James Potter

Woodson:  Cyrus Woodson