Abraham Streaper the School Teacher (born about 1798) descendant of Wilhelm Streaper (Krefeld Germany) 

By Constance Cole 

The name Streaper is spelled in a variety of ways for continuity I have limited it to the spelling Streaper. The other ways it is found in the records listed here is Streeper and Streper.  

The only sources of identification for this Abraham Streaper are local tax records. The local tax records of Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the years 1818, 1819, and 1820 show us an Abraham Streaper son of William Streaper. In 1818 William and son are listed, and in 1819 William and son are listed as well as Abraham Streaper teacher. In 1820 Abraham is again listed as a teacher. In 1823 Israel Streaper is listed as a separate freeman and William and son are listed again. The probate records for Israel tell us the third sons name is Joseph.

We know that William Streaper of Drumore Township is the son of Abraham Streaper (Lt. Streaper from Revolutionary War) owner of what today (2003) is know as The General Wayne Inn. William Streaper married Martha Helms at Christ Church. Note of the wedding is found in the Merion meeting records and Pennsylvania Vital Statistics, the date is September 10, 1795 and place is Old Swedes Church. William Streaper is mentioned in his fathers will dated September 10, 1795 and filed at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown Pennsylvania. William Streaper is also mentioned in his grandfather Phineas Roberts will of 1798. 

Abraham Streaper (the younger) is not mentioned in his fathers estate records filed 1846-1847 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The records for this William Streaper family were not microfilmed when the records from Little Britain and Drumore meetings were microfilmed. Upon examination of the original it appears some pages were missed. The Streaper birth and burial records appear on page 37. The elder boys listed in the tax records do not appear in the birth and burial records for the family. We know from the tax records the elder two are Abraham our subject here and Israel his brother. We know from probate records of Lancaster County that Israel dies young in September of 1825 and apparently without issue. 

His brother Joseph is named in the estate records filed in Lancaster County. The property involved is in Martick Township. Martick Township adjoins Drumore Township. Joseph Streaper marries Ann Watson of Martick Township and relocates to Pottsville Pennsylvania. The wedding notice appears in the Lancaster Journal. Ann Watson and Joseph Streaper are both from Martick Township. The deed for the property Israel was possessed of never left his father Williams name. Piecing together a family from census, meeting, and Drumore Township records 

The family of William and Martha Helms Streaper: Abraham (calculated birth 1798), Israel (calculated birth 1799 death September 1825), Joseph (calculated birth 1802), Hannah (born August 16, 1805 death July 24, 1853), Richard (born October 14, 1807), and Mary (born March 27, 1810 died 1860). There is a removal certificate for a Richard Streaper from Eastland Preparatory meeting to Gwynedd meeting.  

Oral tradition in my family from my grandmother Blanche Renault and father George Conley tells me that the Streaper's in our family had owned the General Wayne Inn, and had moved to Lancaster County and were not Roman Catholic, as we had been raised, but were of a meeting house type of denomination. Using our oral tradition for the process of elimination to establish who the father of Charles Streaper first seen in census records 1850 was the only possible family is that of William Streaper Lancaster County. This is the only Streaper family descending from Abraham of the General Wayne Inn located in Lancaster County. The sons of William Streaper are all accounted for except Abraham who’s records have not been uncovered for any length of time from shortly after 1820.

There is an Abraham Streaper II in the 1830 federal census. This writer has examined the local records of the period and the copies of the census and feels that it is possible without a secondary source that these records could be for an Abraham Stauffer.

On June 1, 1840 Abraham is enumerated in Allegheny County Pennsylvania (A. Streper). The 1840 census reflects the following 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 2 females 10-15 one from reconstructed records is M.M. and 1 female 40-50 Margaret. 

The 1850 census enumerates Abraham Streaper in Ward 3, Allegheny County (A. Streeper). The census in 1850 identifies the names of individuals. In this census we learned that the name of Abraham’s wife is Margaret she is listed as 60 years old and born in Pennsylvania. Abraham is listed as age 54 born in Pennsylvania. There is with them M.M. Streaper age 23 born PA. In the same house but as a separate family the Armstrong’s are listed. The members of the Armstrong Family are Andrew and Elizabeth both born in Ireland, with children Rebecca, James, Robert, and Andrew all born in Pennsylvania.

The 1860 census Allegheny County Ward 3 enumerates Abraham Streaper (Abraham Streper) and an unknown Streaper female both are enumerated as age 55. The value of his personal property is 25 dollars. The place of birth is New York for Abraham and Pennsylvania for the unknown female. The ages and birthplaces have changed in this census. Obviously listing unidentified as a name indicates that someone other than the enumerated gave the information recorded to the enumerator.

We know that Abraham Streaper was a teacher in Drumore Township in 1820. In 1822 an act was passed which provided for the education of children at public expense within the city and incorporated Boroughs of Lancaster County. Dissatisfaction outside the city of Lancaster prompted another act in 1824, which further provided education to the poor within the other areas of the County. In 1825 some townships did not want schools and there were township elections held in Lancaster County. Drumore Township had 18 votes for school and 81 votes no school. Nowhere in any of the 1825 records of the school votes for schoolmen or schools can the name Abraham Streaper be found. 

It can be concluded that Abraham Streaper son of William Streaper left the Lancaster county area between 1820-1825. 

Because of the geographic location of Joseph Streaper and William Streaper it is feasible that possible Abraham went to work on the Canals for a period. 

By 1870 we find no record of Abraham Streaper.in.

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