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The Wynne Diaries 1789-1820 edited by Alice Fremantle, is a book many of us have looked at. The copy I have is a reprint from 1953 by Oxford University Press. In the front of this book as in the front of many Wynne books there is a chart. The chart starts with Richard Wynne and splits into two with his sons John b. 1553 created baronet 1611. and Richard who marries Alice Spurstow. We set out here to correct the misinformation contained in this chart, and created from this chart.

Let us first say that John Wynn b. 1553 created baronet in 1611 author of The History of the Gwydir Family, clearly and unequivocally states his father a Morris Wynn. This is also well documented in Burkes Peerage and Baronetages. We will not even pursue a further explanation of the fallacy created with this chart. The line and its progression have been well documented and warrant no changes.

 This brings us to the other side of this chart. Richard Wynne marries to Alice Spurstowe son of Richard Wynne. It is our contention that at a future date it will be indisputably proven that this Richard Wynne the father is the Great Great Grandson of Ithel Vychan. Ithel Vychan husband of the heiress of Robin brother to Robert of the Gwydir line mentioned in Sir John History of Gwydir has sons Cynric and David. Cynric is the ancestor for the Dr. Thomas Wynne lineage and David’s line is documented in Shropshire Visitations 1623, under Evans of Flintshire.

 Cynric son of Ithel Vychan was alive after 1420 and married Tanglwyst the daughter of Gruffyd Lloyd. Cynric had three sons John, Rhys, and Harri. Harri is the ancestor for the lineage of Dr. Thomas Wynne. John was at Bosworth Field and was granted land at Chilton in Shropshire. Rhys had a son Richard who was in Holt 1488. Richard’s son William succeeded his Uncle John at Chilton.

 It is our contention that this Richard son of Rhys is the father of the Wynne's of the Wynne diaries and the relationship to the Gwydir family is the relationship through Ithel Vychan wife the heiress of Robin who’s brother Robert married age 80 Angharad daughter of David ap Llewelyn and was father of Ievan and was the great great great grandfather of Sir John Wynne the author.

Progressing forward with this chart.

Richard Wynne of Shrewsbury

The visitations of London 1634 mention Richard Wynne of Shrewsbury twice. He is listed once as the husband of Alice Spurstowe. Alice Spurstowe is the daughter of Thomas Spurstow (son of Roger and Elizabeth Spurstow) of Shrewsbury. Alice Spurstow has brothers William merchant of London married to Damoris Parkhurst, and Edward Spurstow. William and Damoris Spurstow have children William, Henry, Samuel, Joseph, and Olive.

Richard Winn of Shrewsbury is mentioned a second time in Visitations of London 1634 as the father of Damoris married to Matthew Cradock London Merchant. In 1634 Mathew and Damoris have a daughter Damoris Cradock. Mathew is the son and grand son of Mathew Cradock of Stafford. This affirms the chart with respect to Richard Wynne and Alice Spurstowe Wynne and daughter Damoris.

London Visitation Pedigrees, 1664 Hill (Humphrey of Salop previously found in Visitations of Shropshire, 1623, p. 242) mentions Richard Winn of Shrewsbury again. Priscilla the daughter of Richard Winn of Shrewsbury; married at Hackney February 18, 1650-1651, John Hill of London Grocer and 3rd son. The children of John and Priscilla Winn Hill are John, heir in 1664, Priscilla, Mary, and Rebecca. 

Further research confirms the following confounding the lineage of the Wynne diaries chart:

Thomas Wyn of London Merchant has a will proved January 8, 1644: Rivers, 27, (Genealogical Gleanings in England, Waters). In his will he names his wife Elizabeth, and his three children Thomas Jane and Damoris Wynne. His brother Richard Wynne and he also mentions an estate he should have in right of his mother, later names his mother Wych (Wynne Diaries has his wife Wyche). Continues naming an Uncle William Spurstowe, and cousin William his son. Cousins Oliver, Henry and Samuel Spurstowe. He says my brother and sisters being four but does not name them. He also names a cousin Nicholas Wynne, and a cousin Richard Sherrer. James Hill is also mentioned but no relationship is defined. 

Cousinages hold some answers: Richard Sherer merchant of London, will proved March 1665, mentions his cousin Richard Wynne in his will. Richard Wynne brother of Thomas Wyn is still living in 1665 at the time of the will. He also mentions Dr. William Spurstow and Henry Spurstow his kinsmen. This is a shared kin with Thomas Wyn. The kinship is possibly through the Parkhurst family. Susan Parkhurst was married to a Sherer first then to a Lancashire Susan Parkhurst is the sister of Robert Parkhurst and is named in his will proved February 22, 1636.

William Spurstow mercer of London who’s will is dated September 20, 1644 proved February 4, 1645 and is buried at St. Stephen’s was the executor of Richard Wynn and executor of Sir Robert Parkhurst. In his will William Spurstow defines his relationship with Richard Wynne as brother. His relationship with Thomas Wyn is defined as cousin. As is his relationship with Katherine. William Spurstow names son Samuel, Henry, William and daughter Olive. 


In the Visitations of Shropshire, 1623 page 383 Owen of Llunllo, Shrewsbury, Condover, Bettws, and Whiteley line H Thomas Owen who second married Alice daughter of -----Wykes widow of Wilkes de Islington, Willi Elkyn alderman of London. Her daughter Ursula daughter of William Elkin married Roger Owen. Roger Owen was Thomas Owen’s son by Sara Baskeruill (yes son married step daughter). Ursula  and Roger Owen had two daughters Alice and Ursula. Ursula married secondly a Barker of Hammond. It is possible that Alice was the mother Wych being married to Richard Wynne 1st 2nd Willi Elkyn, and 3rd Thomas Owen. More research is needed.

A further complication is that Roger Owens brother William marries Ellen Daughter of Robert Needham. William Owen of Shrewsbury died 1662. Robert Needham’s sister Elizabeth also lists a Wynn sister (who to date is not identified), in a codicil of her Will January 29, 1616.

 Robert WynneIt would be also not a far stretch to speculate the Robert the alderman of Canterbury in the same time period is also a son of Richard Wynne of Shropshire. As his family is said to have hailed from Shropshire.

 WASHINGTON/WYCHE: Now without being to confusing there is also a Washington Wyche tie. A 1643 Will for Sir William Washington proved March 1, 1648  Fairfax, 29 (P.C.C.) states Wicke farm was in mortgage to Henry Winn Esq. and John Chappell gent.

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