Quaker Marriages of Southern Maryland from CD174 Church Records: MD and DE, The Learning Company, Inc. June 13, 1999, transcribed the marriage certificate, not without errors or questions. We are looking at the same record and adding family background, check back this is in process. 

William Chew, son of Samuel deceased and Ann, married 20th day of 10th month commonly called December, 1690, to Sydney Wynn, both of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, daughter of Thomas and Martha, deceased of Pennsylvania. They were married in the home of William Richardson.

Witnesses: *Ann Chew, *Joseph Chew, *P…… *Chew, *John Chew,*Caleb Chew, *S…… Burgess, *John Meriton (?), *William Holland, William Edmondson, William Coale, William Richardson Jr., Robert Hartland(?), *M. Moore, William Richardson Sr., Solomon Sparrow, Samuel Galloway, Richard Galloway, Nicholas Delaplaine, Samuel Thomas, Joseph Richardson, *Joseph Burgess, *Benjamin Burgess, *Joseph Hanslap, Elizabeth Richardson, Elizabeth Belt, Sarah Sparrow, Margaret Richardson, *Frances Hanslap, Sop: Richardson

Whoever did the transcription for this could not identify 5 of the 28 people. P. Chew, S. Burgess, John Meriton, Robert Hartland, and Sop: Richardson. Now that tells me there is at least a 17% error on this information, which means there is a good possibility 3 of the other names are identified incorrectly in some way.

*Let us look at this one certificate in depth for relationships at the time of the marriage. Ann Chew mother of the groom, Joseph Chew brother of the groom. P. chew unidentified, John Chew brother of the groom, Caleb Chew brother of the groom, Susanna Burgess step daughter of Mordecai Moore, John Meriton witness to Will of William Burgess, William Holland (Holland/Hollin was name of other doctor testing Dr. Thomas Wynne), William Edmondson unidentified, William Coale unidentified, William Richardson Sr. unidentified, Solomon Sparrow possibly relation to Ann Burgess Sparrow step daughter of Mordecai Moore, Samuel Galloway and Richard Galloway the  Galloway's have a relationship to the Chew's, Nicholas Delaplaine unidentified, Samuel Thomas Charles Burgess married Elizabeth Thomas Hanslap, Joseph Richardson unidentified, Benjamin Burgess step son of Mordecai Moore, Joseph Hanslap the Hanslap have a tie to both the Burgess and the Chew families, Elizabeth Richardson unidentified, Elizabeth Belt unidentified, Sarah Sparrow Step daughter Ann Burgess married Thomas Sparrow, Margaret Richardson unidentified, Frances Hanslap the Hanslap family has ties to Burgess and Chew, Sop Richardson unidentified. The presence of Moore, Burgess, and Holland seem to be the only familial ties for Sidney Wynne at the wedding. 

Samuel Thomas is the son of Philip and Sarah Harrison Thomas born about 1655. His property is Talbot Ridge on the north side of West River. We will assume for now that this is indeed Samuel Thomas, associated with West River Meeting and it is not a misread for Solomon Thomas first husband of Rebecca Wynne.

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