Minty by: Breanna

My picture of Minty
My name is Breanna. My Gramere says I can write a book about Minty this year. I am going to go to places she lived in and write a story for each place. When I get done she will put each one on this website for me.

Minty was born near here. It is in Maryland.
Some people know Minty by a much longer name Haraminta. Most people know her as Harriet Tubman. Nobody knows when her birthday was. They just know it was in 1820 or 1821.

When Minty was 6 or 7 she ran away for the first time. The Mrs. beat her because she took a sugar cube from the bowl. Minty would run away many more times.

When she got older Minty worked in a Shipyard with her Dad. She ran away and came back and got her family to runaway too.
Minty was a nurse in the Army.
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Minty had a house in the state New York.