Mary Conley born about 1833 Northern Ireland.

In the 1850 census Mary Conley is found in Moyamensing in the home of the Weaver John Coyle. In 1852 Mary Conley stands at the baptism of Catherine Conley, she is unmarried in 1852.

In 1860 Mary is living in Philadelphia Ward 17 Mary Ann is born but the surname is Connelly. She is now living with the family of Peter and Mary Campbell (A Martin Campbell was living with Mary's mother Catherine in Lower Merion in 1850). The Campbell family is next door to a family by the name of Paul and Barbara Baker. Mary Conley Baker's occupation in 1860 is Weaver.

She is a widow by 1880 and living in Upper Merion, Montgomery County. She has four children: Mary Ann Baker born May 1855, Catherine Baker born February 1859, Michael Baker born December 1860 and Francis "Frank" T. Baker born April 1865.

Mary's two daughter were weavers in the woolen mills. Michael Baker was a laborer in a factory and Frank was a house painter. Mary Ann Baker stood in Baptism for Emily Conley September 23, 1883.

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