Oral Tradition from Blanch Renault Conley and George R. Conley was that a Conley or a Mc Cullagh married out of their station. The page below is the only place in Northern Ireland where I have found an association between the two names. This is from Griffiths Evaluation it is a record of lands rented the time frame is between 1820-1830. On US census information it is indicated that by more than one child that Patrick Conley and his siblings were from Northern Ireland.

Coyle and McClusky are found here also. In 1850 it is John Coyle the weaver who's home Mary Conley is enumerated for the census in Moyamensing, Philadelphia PA. The McClusky family from near Garret Hill (circa 1970) shared the oral tradition that Thomas Conley's family came from the same place in Ireland as they.