"Behavioral" evidence which connect Charles to Abraham: by Joan Higgins


~~~The SPELLING connection

-There are several Charles Streapers born about the same time and the 'Streaper" spelling, which was used by Joseph Price for Lt Abraham Streaper's estate, is also used by the Charles who is living on the Charles Ramsey farm, in the 1850 and  who is married to Hannah and 1860 census. This family line uses the spelling of Streaper longer. The other Streaper lines change there spelling to Streeper.


~~~The MERION or GENERAL WAYNE INN connection

- In the 1930 census Charles' Grandson, named George Gerhard Conley, and his family are living across from the General Wayne Inn

- Charles' Granddaughter, named Elizabeth Conley Wislar lived in the Joseph Price House, next to the General Wayne Inn.

- There is a photo of George Gerhard Conley's son, George Renault Conley and Elizabeth Conley Wislar's son, Samuel Wislar III, which was taken in the Albrecht Gardens, with their Uncle Joe Simpson.  Joe Simpson married Charles' granddaughter Ann Conley, the sister of George Gerhard Conley and Elizabeth Conley Wislar.  The Albrecht Gardens were on Meeting House Lane, across from the Merion Meeting House, which was behind the General Wayne Inn.


 ~~~ The QUAKER Connection

- After the extensive search of cemeteries, I have come to believe that Charles considered himself a Quaker and is probably buried in either MERION or RADNOR Friends cemetery, with no marker or "ornamentation".  He may have considered himself a Quaker even if he didn't attend meetings regularly. 

- Hannah did not die until 1907. Looking over the Tombstone Inscription for the family grave site at St. Dennis Cemetery Havertown, one notes that she is listed AFTER her son and daughter-in-law, even though she died before them.  This poses the hypothesis: If her husband was Quaker then she may have been influenced by the Quaker tradition and requested no marker. Later generations, not knowing that, decide to mark her grave. It is also possible the family did not have the funds for a marker.

- A search of the records at Drumore Friends Cemetery found the burial of his grandparents William and Martha Streeper in unmarked graves.

- Although he was of the proper age to serve in the Civil War, I could find no records that indicate he did so. Although his first cousins Lewis D. Idall and Cromley Idall sons of Mary Streaper Idall his fathers sister from Drumore were both killed serving in the Civil War.


~~~The 1860 CENSUS connection

- Charles first son is born in 1860 and Abraham is obviously not at home as the enumerator lists his wife's name as "unknown", the possibility exists that he was visiting his first grand child.  It is also about time when Abraham's sister, Mary Streeper Idall, dies.


 ~~~The TURNPIKE connection

- In 1900 the census indicates that, Charles Streeper's son-in-law, Thomas Conley, was the Turnpike Gate Keeper in, Radnor Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

- When I researched this in the book "The History of Radnor Township" I found that William and Martha Streaper had been the gatekeepers here in 1800.

- The Joseph Price Diary indicates that William Streaper was the first gatekeeper here and that his first son (probably Abraham) was born here, in 1797.  William and Martha moved to an unknown place.

- The 100-year span of these events makes this coincidence really amazing and leaves open the possibility that Catherine Streaper Conley could have heard family stories of the first gatekeeper.

- The proximity of the gate at the County line and the location of a property

owned by William Streaper, the later property owned by Catherine Streaper, the property with the home of Catherine Streaper Conley and Thomas Conley and property rented to the Augustinian brothers located where the field house of Villa Nova Univeristy now stands are all located within the same 1/4 mile on either side of the Lancaster pike (Route 30) at the Montgomery/Deleware county line. 


~~~The RAMSEY connection

- The first mention of the Ramsey name I found was in the 1880 census a child William Ramsey, age 2, born in New Jersey, is living with Patrick and Ann Conley. (They would be the In-laws for Catherine Streeper Conley)

- The next Ramsey connection that I found was in the 1850 census, our Charles Streaper is living with a Ramsey family.  They are enumerated in this order Charles Ramsey - age 41, Martha Ramsey - age 22, William Ramsey - age 11 (probably not her child), Charles Streaper- age 28.  We thought this could be his sister; but found a daughter 'M.M.' enumerated in 1850 in Allegheny County, with 'A. Streper and wife Margaret.  The double enumeration of the female M.M. Streper & Martha Ramsey makes this confusing but all still possible because there were two female children enumerated in the 1840 census with Abraham Streaper.

- Later I found that William and Martha Streaper had left the tollbooth in Radnor Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania and moved to Southern Chester County.  In reading history books about that area I found a Charles Ramsey who was in the group who named the Elk River which flows in Maryland (William Streaper was NOT mentioned in this incidence but they could have been neighbors.)

- The Last Charles Ramsey connection that I found was while I was reading the tax records for Merion Township in the early 1800's.  These are not indexed and I was looking for the possibility that our Charles may have been born in Merion, Pennsylvania rather than Maryland.  I was NOT able to prove or disprove that.  I did find that Charles Ramsey was caring for the property of Senator Jonathan Roberts(1771-1854). The farm was located where Valley Forge Memorial Gardens stands today. Jonathan Roberts was a cousin to Hannah Roberts Streaper, grandmother of Abraham Streaper.


~~~The MARTHA connection

- Charles is enumerated with a Martha Ramsey in the 1850 census       

- The age span between Charles and Martha in the 1850 census is about the same as 2 of Abraham’s children, in the 1830 census.

- Abraham's mother's name is Martha.


~~~ The FAMILY HABIT connection - Sometimes families develop habits based on their past experiences which are passed on from generation to generation. [For example -- The new, young wife was cutting the ends off her roast; when her husband asked her why she said because mother always did it that way.  When they asked Mom why she cut the ends off the roast, she said because Grand mom always did it that way.  When they asked Grand mom why she did it that way she said it was because she had a short pan and that is the only way it would fit in her pan!!]

 - When William Streaper dies in Lancaster County he leaves his widow Martha and the estate owes 90 people money.  Martha even sells her widow's allotment.  She has one daughter still living at home.  She continues to live in Drumore Township Lancaster County and I think she might make some sort of arrangements for them to live in a small domicile in exchange for sewing or cooking or gardening or baby-sitting.  She is essentially homeless and penniless.

  - Until this time Abraham and his wife Margaret have the deeds/ mortgages in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in both their names.  About the time of William’s (his father) death, Abraham renegotiates the mortgages and eventually sells the property on the diamond in Pittsburgh only to purchase similar property with a William Brown. AND Margaret's name is no longer on the deeds/ mortgages.

 - In 1877, Hannah buys a parcel of land from Lewis J. Garrett, Doctor of Medicine, for ($235) two hundred thirty-five dollars.  The deed starts this Indenture and notes that Hannah is the wife of Charles Streeper.  The 1880 census indicates that Charles owns $400 of personal property but not real estate and the census does not take note of Hannah's ownership of Real estate.

 - In 1900 Hannah sells that parcel of Real Estate to her daughter ONLY.   To purchase this land, her son-in-law, Thomas, gets a mortgage from the priests at Villanova.  Catherine's name is on the deed but NOT the mortgage. 

 - Catherine and Thomas put other real estate in her name only, not just the real estate that was her mother's.

- - To summarize this FAMILY HABIT - - the homeless, penniless Martha Streaper traumatizes the family so much that the next three generations (Martha's son Abraham, his son Charles, and his Granddaughter Catherine Conley) all take steps to title the deeds and mortgages so that the woman will not be responsible for the husband’s debts and won’t become a homeless and penniless widow as did Martha Helms Streaper.


~~~ The FAMILY LORE connection

- Every year my parents took my sister Connie to the Lancaster County Farmers Market and the story that she was told that we were had Pennsylvania Dutch roots in Lancaster County.  William and Martha Streaper would be the only connection here.

- She was also told that we were descended form the Streaper’s of the General Wayne Inn.

- My sister Mary Ann also heard some vague references that we were descended from the Streaper’s of the General Wayne Inn.

- Vivian Wislar, who was married to Sam Wislar, who had lived in the Joseph Price House, next to the General Wayne Inn did not remember being told of these relationships.

- One of the adjoining properties in Lancaster County was owned by a family Whisler.


~~~ FAMILY ARTIFACTS connections

- Connie has a plate, which was a wedding present to Blanche Renault Conley from her mother-in-law, Catherine Streeper Conley and billed as belonging to the Streepers.   It is Cannonsburg China, from Cannonsburg, in western PA.  Further research indicates that it was probably made after 1900 and neither Charles Streeper nor his parents touched it.  Considering the date it is most likely belonged first to Catherine Streeper Conley.


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