COROINN is researching various populations with some origin or connection to Pennsylvania communities and families. Annually we research a topic publishing the records from that project, the focus is genealogy. 

Mother Northumberland County Pennsylvania is a book containing African American families from the 29 county region which was once Northumberland County click on the link. 

Alphabetical index to families.

You can find a few of the Pennsylvania African American Families and their genealogy here: Dorsey, Dunlap, Foreman, Gilmore, Green, Only, Simms, Samuel Stewart , Hero Wade, Cyrus Woodson 

We are currently researching the genealogy for the family of Samuel Fraunces located in London 1500-1750, the Island of Jamaica 1650-1750, Virginia 1650-1800, New York 1720-Present, Philadelphia 1790-1810, Indiana 1810-1900, Canada, France and other locations. Any information from members of this family would be greatly appreciated. Some of the allied and collateral family names for this project are Jacqualin, Ambler, Battin, Fairfax, Cary, Campbell, Colden, Custis, Dalley, D'Ailley, DeHart, Farquar, Freaneau, Gautier, Gifford, Hill, Hyckes, Livingstone, Maranda, Madalene, Smock, Teneyek, Thompson and Washington.  

Because of Samuel Fraunces's connection to the Philadelphia President's House as Steward the Fraunces project spilled over and we currently have a database of George Washington's enslaved. The database includes over 3,000 people who are descendants of Geroge Washington's enslaved and other free blacks from Fairfax County Virginia. It is slow posting these lines but we will check names for you and any inquiries, corrections and additions are always welcome.    

View a full list of projects. We recommend Links to Slave Records and Other links

Completed research from years past can be found Wynne Family, Penn Family History and Genealogy, Black, Mulatto and Allied Families of Centre County Pennsylvania, Cyrus Woodson, Abraham Streaper School Teacher, Abraham Streaper Innkeeper, Charles Streaper,Annie Reilly Conley .

Some personal family lines for our researchers and other indulgences are found: Queenie's Tale is a quick look at the Royal lines associated with the family of Dr. Thomas Wynne. Wynne Diary Chart with correction Wynnes VA, PA, MD, MA. Minty by Breanna is a story by a child about Harriet Tubman. Please feel free to contact us at

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